FTP home server create link to download files
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Thread: FTP home server create link to download files

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    FTP home server create link to download files

    I have a simple server that i run from home.
    I use it for hosting my personal files and some friends and family's
    files. I am running windows XP, not windows server. I use Filezilla server and client for uploading and downloading files. It is basically just a home computer running filezilla is all.
    I would like to know if there is a way i can create a link to a file on my server that i could email to someone and they could just click the link and download the file? Is this possible or do i need special software? If so what do i need and how do i set it up? I dont know much about this stuff so excuse me if it is a stupid question.


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    Welcome to the site.

    Yes it can be done... odds our another member can give you more details...I believe it involves enabling IIS (internet information service) service found in Admin Tools. (guessing its only in XP Pro)

    The short version, assuming you have a static IP, is that you'd give the a link like:


    Or you go look into DropBox.com where you store files on-line and give permissions to others to access the files.
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    If you enable IIS, it can handle FTP as well. There is no need for third party software.
    I don't know the capabilities of filezilla, but if it can monitor incoming port 80 and respond it will be acting in a fashion similar to IIS file serving.

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